Simple Filigree Ring

  • 19000

Way back in 1997 or 1998 I took a Norwegian filigree class at Penland from Lori Talcott, an amazing jeweler. I loved the techniques I learned of making filigree. I spent the next year making filigree jewelry, not truly understanding how I could use the techniques without going all in on the filigree look. Now I use many of the filigree techniques I learned in that class even though the jewelry I make may not look like filigree. It sometimes takes a super long time for me to mature in my work and use of techniques. I have to work it out over and over in what I make. This ring was made as part of that process.

This ring uses super simple filigree techniques, which sometimes can be harder to pull off than the complicated looking ones!

Ring Size: 8 3/4 (Cannot be sized up or down)

Sterling Silver

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