Beginning Jewelry Making Class

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Beginning Jewelry Making Class Description

  • August 2-5 12:30-5pm EST
  • Location: Asheville, NC (Exact place TBD)
  • Covid precautions will be taken, most likely masks will be required.
  • Class size limited to 15 students, age 11+.

In this in-person class, students will learn to make quality wire jewelry and/or sculpture using real jewelry making tools and materials. We will discuss tools and materials—how they’re used, how they’re measured, what they’re made of.  Then we will actively learn how to use the materials to form different kinds of jewelry. We will cover earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even brooches, using a variety of wire, sheet metal, plastic, and beads. 

We’ll discuss bending and shaping wire, hammering wire, using wire to hold things in place, using shears to cut sheet metal, adding found objects, hole punching, finishing the jewelry nicely, making jewelry findings, and designing and planning personal projects.  A complete PDF with sample images and details of each technique will be emailed before class for students to use as referral material both during and after the class. Links to Pinterest boards created just for the class will also be provided.

Materials and tools to use while in class will be provided. If students want to order their very own toolkit to use either before or after class, the cost will be $75. Please contact me and let me know if they want the tools ahead of time. If students decide during class that they will want their own tools, I’ll work individually with each student to see which tools are necessary. A resource list for materials and tools will be provided.

With active learning and practice, students will be able to make professional quality jewelry using these skills. Email questions will also be actively answered and discussed for up to two weeks after the class. Students will leave the class with several finished projects using their own designs.

**Cancellations with full refund available until July 26th

**Registration is open until class is full.