Mother Mary Pink and Blue Circle Earrings

  • 44000

Mary is revered for her most essential qualities: faithfulness, devotion, humility, purity. These earrings feature a mixture of pink and blue gemstones, along with vintage French enameled charms. Blue has traditionally been used in depictions of Mary as an expression of devotion and glorification, referring to the use of the color blue as being the color of an empress. The back of one of the French charms depicts Mary standing at the tomb of Jesus, weeping.

I often use circles in my work. Not only do I like the visual form, but I always like the idea of a circle not having a beginning or an end. A circle is beautiful in its inherent complete-ness.

Stones: Rough pink Ruby, Lab-grown Ruby, blue corundum, Pearl, Lab-grown Opal, Enameled charm.

The earrings measure 1" in diameter.

Sterling silver. Ear nuts included.

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