Product Info

Fiber Items
Fiber items are made from 99% recycled materials. I purchase old clothes, blankets, and sheets and cut them up in order to re-purpose the fabric. These are some of the softest fabrics I can find. I do use new thread and some new parts, such as buckles and grommets.
Due to the up-cycled nature of this fabric, I allow some defects to show, whether it be a slight stain or a small hole. Please be aware of this and know that I am aware of every little defect in color or fabric, too. I am OK with this. If you order a fiber piece from me, you should be OK with that, too. It's just part of the character of the goods, which to me reveals its history. I think that's cool.
All of my jewelry is lovingly handmade in Asheville, NC. Due to the nature of handcrafted jewelry, slight variations may occur between products.  Joanna Gollberg Jewelry, Inc reserves the right to make minor design changes without notice, as necessary. 
Some parts of my jewelry have been cast from my handmade models. I work with a fantastic family-owned and -run casting service in Georgia.
Diamonds & Gemstones
The diamonds and gemstones I use are ethically sourced and 100% conflict-free, according to my knowledge and/or the documents provided by my legitimate suppliers. I've most recently been using diamonds taken out of old jewelry and re-sold, known as the brand Harmony Recycled Diamonds.
I use quality metals from conscientious suppliers. Most of the metal I purchase is recycled. In turn, I recycle my metals scraps on a regular basis. Here's some info about the metal alloys I use:
  • Yellow Gold: Gold, Copper, Silver, Zinc
  • White Gold: Gold, Copper, Palladium, Zinc (non-allergenic)
  • Rose Gold: Gold, Copper
  • 950 Palladium: Palladium, Ruthenium (grayer in color, non-allergenic, less expensive than white gold) For more information on Palladium, click here.
  • Sterling Silver: Silver, Copper
Stone Sizes
Although I put my best effort into describing my products as accurately as possible, each stone is slightly different. Please note that the sizes and weights on the product pages are the best approximate values.
Color of Products
Although I put my best efforts into displaying our products as accurately as possible, the colors of the metals or stones that you view on your computer monitor may be different from the actual colors of these products. I am not responsible for any inaccuracy in this regard.
Product Prices
All prices quoted on the website are in US Dollars. Prices are subject to change, without prior notice, according to material market price.
Custom Orders
Please contact me to discuss your custom order.
I offer a type of engraving for items when it is technically possible. Please contact me for more details.